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About us

RCCG Breakthrough Church Bolton

The Redeemed Christian Church Breakthrough Parish Bolton Began on the 19th of January in 2005 with her first gathering at the Orlando student hall of residence with about ten people in attendance on that day.

The breakthrough Parish began when our pastor Adewale Adeleye yielded himself to the call of God to re-enact the message of the gospel in the United Kingdom.

Left Nigeria as an already established parish Pastor with churches planted through his wonderful ministry. Starting afresh in Bolton was a turning point that He embraced in all obedience and humility projecting God as the master planner.

The Breakthrough church moved from their first meeting point into is new venue that year and the church grew from about ten members to a turn out of thirty to seventy people that same year at her new venue the YMCA Bolton.

The Gospel of our Lord was preached in all earnestly and this resulted in the tremendous move by God to relocate the church again,we had our second anniversary in our latest venue at Gilnow Mill with the Lord expanding the church and confirming his word with tremendous sign.

Our First Anniversary witnessed the establishment of The Redeemed Christian Church My Father’s House and the Second Anniversary was not left our in God’s divine Agenda to Reenact its mission in the UK with a church planted in Wigan.

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